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6 Hour Trip Itinerary To Dublin For The Eternally Lazy

Updated: Oct 26, 2019


My name is Mehar and I'll be your guide to the pretty city of Dublin - if and only if you solemnly swear to be completely and decadently lazy!

Having combed through countless online guides on how 'to do' a city properly and exhaustively, I concluded that there is literally no way one person, on a strict budget, can take a look-see of everything a city has to offer, so why not pick the cream of the bunches of sightseeing options, keep your feet happy and enjoy while you're at it!

Which neatly brings me onto the subject of my very first blog post - how to roam around Dublin WITHOUT getting tired to the bone. Let's dive in then, shall we?

Trinity College Dublin's Glorious Old Library

Starting off from Galway, I booked online tickets to the CityLink Bus service (it's MUCH cheaper to book your tickets online, not to mention being way more handy), which cost me about €20 for a round trip.

The CityLink bus will drop you off in the heart of the city centre called Bachelor's Walk, which offers a pretty view of the River Liffey and numerous arched bridges along with a whole slew of cafes, restaurants and pubs which will be more than willing to appease those mid-day munchies.

I selected the Kumpir Cafe for its delectable Nutella & Banana Pancakes and frothy Cappuccino.

Once I had some breakfast in me, I then trudged along Bachelor's Walk and onwards in the direction of Dublin's famous shopping district called Grafton Street. You can easily club a visit to Grafton Street with a foray into nearby Trinity College Dublin for a gander at the famous Trinity College Old Library and the Book of Kells exhibition. You'll need to shell out €14 for a ticket inside - highway robbery, if you ask me - but well worth it when your eyes literally pop out at the old-world beauty of the hallowed campus and well-preserved library.

Trinity College Dublin's Gorgeous Old Library

In case the picture doesn't tickle your fancy, I even took a video that captures the very essence of this beautiful library and a sneak peak of the wonder and awe I felt when I first laid eyes on it:

Once I had my fill of gazing at this precious view, I stepped out onto Grafton Street to fill up my arms with shopping bags and to empty my wallet.

I stopped at every single store to sample, sniff and fawn over rich cashmere coats, hefty tumbler glasses that begged to be filled up with fine Irish whiskey, rivers of fresh tulips and lilies, an entire block of M&S stores that even contained a sizeable food hall - all the while being regaled by amazing street musicians who fiddled their way into my heart!

Truly, walking along Grafton Street with a cup of coffee in your hand and a twinkle in your eye is nothing short of nirvana!

When my tummy started rumbling, I ducked into a cutesy lil Italian bistro called Dolce Sicily, which catered to both ambling diners and perpetually rushed customers with equal aplomb.

Dolce Siciliy - A Welcome Sight For Hungry Bellies

After a lip-smacking panini and a glass of dry wine, I headed back over to Bachelor's Walk to spend some time gawking at the city and checking out a few of the many, many coffee roaster shops that lined the paved streets.

I chose the 9th Degree Coffee Roasters for their charming chess-board floors, velvet black walls and mismatched chairs that held oodles of charm. I tried their house brew Brazilian cappuccino and relished every last drop while watching the city march past.

I drank in the city of Dublin with greedy sips and gaping sighs and headed back home to Galway with not just a little fascination and tucked into my backpack the adventure that accompanies well-lived exploration.

Hope this helps all my fellow lazy-holics!

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