And Then The Light Turned Green

And Then The Light Turned Green

Picture this: 5 people screeching to an unwilling stop at a mundane red light, all seemingly unaware of the shocking tremors their lives are about to experience. 

An established author suddenly receives a text that will change her life; a middle-aged woman sees an oddly familiar face out the window and a crashing realization and sense of vindication dawns; an affluent social butterfly contemplating which designer handbag to purchase next when her son 5-year-old son makes a startling and soul-crushing confession...

In this here little book of short stories, you'll find naked hopes, dreams, passions and the mundane pettiness that makes life vastly entertaining. Nicely tieing in together, all these 5 stories have one thing in common - the ending to each is identical - 'And then the light turned green…'

Here's hoping you find these stories gently illuminating, ruggedly funny and crisp as a potato chip!


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